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Profitability Analysis

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Get better visibility into business performance and turn insights into action. Track, analyze, and forecast the profitability of your business to discover new opportunities, predict growth, and optimize financial performance.

Profitability analysis allows you to track, analyze, and forecast the profitability of business activity based on the categories that are most relevant to your business operations. Perhaps your business model relies heavily on a few large, key customer accounts, and so analyzing revenue and expenses by customer might be the most meaningful metric by which to drive your strategic plans and decisions. Or perhaps analyzing financial results by product or market is the most indicative driver of future performance. Regardless of the metric, the important thing is that, as a business leader, you have access to the data and analysis you need to make the best decisions possible.

How Planful Can Help

Regardless of your industry or business model, Planful has you covered. Planful is the Continuous Planning Platform that gives you more visibility into your business performance, and access to the insights you need to make better business decisions.

  • Automatically load actual financial results from your ERP system
  • Run driver-based, top-down calculations to allocate revenues and expenses by any business metric that is most meaningful to your business
  • Analyze the results with a robust library of reporting formats and delivery options
  • Forecast future plans and strategies by using what-if, driver-based analysis to analyze the impact of different decisions
  • Share your insights with the whole team and get input and buy-in from all key stakeholders
  • Turn insights into action today

Learn more about how the Planful Continuous Planning Platform can support profitability analysis for your organization.

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