Manage Cash with
Clarity and Agility

Cash Flow is the most important thing for business, especially now. You need the ability to quickly and reliably forecast a variety of cash flow scenarios, and dynamically adjust driver-based assumptions to pull different levers and understand their impacts on cash. How does a drop in revenue impact our cash flow? What happens if we extend vendor payment terms? What if our customers take longer to pay? What new funds are available from a lack of travel, and where do we re-allocate to put them to work? Perhaps most importantly, what’s our runway under all of these different scenarios?

With so many different variables, and so many cause-and-effect relationships, you need an easy and reliable way to get it all done. Planful provides driver-based cash flow forecasting and what-if scenario analysis in the cloud. Configure Planful for your specific requirements. Choose from the Direct Method or Indirect Method, choose your drivers, and customize your calculations. And connect it all with your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Financial Reporting. Cash flow forecasting with Planful helps you manage business continuity and resilience, preserve cash, shore up your capital position, and extend your runway. Begin your Continuous Planning journey today.

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