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Work together faster and with more control—in finance and beyond.

Work Smarter,

Finance is evolving, and speed, efficiency, and a strategic outlook are the new expectations. This evolution has fostered a closer working relationship with other areas of the organization, but there are still tasks – departmental budgeting, periodic reporting, the monthly close – that require huge efforts and deft coordination. Managing both the strategic and tactical activities by passing spreadsheets around via email is no longer a scalable option.

Planful gives finance the collaboration tools, dashboards, and insights needed to keep finance humming and projects moving forward. Gain flexible control over tasks and workflows, visibility into deadlines and roadblocks, and a centralized control panel from which finance can orchestrate activities within their team or across the enterprise. Get things done faster, with more accuracy, and with more confidence in the results. 

Manual Collaboration
vs. Planful

Before Planful
Planful Features
With Planful

Little coordination between finance and the business

  • Customize workflows to match your business processes
  • Get insights into tasks, activities, and deadlines
  • See roadblocks before they derail progress

Partner with the entire organization for better alignment

Employees chase stakeholders to get timely information

  • Let business owners easily collaborate on budgets and plans
  • Eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and ease data sharing
  • Keep everyone on track with task management and clear visibility into dates and deadlines

Unite the team and ease communication and collaboration

Teams risk data integrity issues using email and spreadsheets

  • Actively manage projects and processes
  • Use a central dashboard to orchestrate participation from across the organization
  • Give everyone visibility into processes and tasks

Everyone has visibility into the same tasks and data

Finance struggles to gather and organize incoming data

  • Integrate disparate systems to ease and accelerate data collection
  • Eliminate versioning and copy/paste issues
  • Create a single source of truth for all financial data

Get fast access to accurate data

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Proven Results

See What Happens When Teams Use Planful
to Automate Manual Finance Processes

PS Logistics

Before bringing in Planful, PS Logistics struggled with financial reporting. They relied heavily on manual spreadsheets which were prone to error and meant reporting took days. Since implementing Planful, these financial reporting tasks take 80% less time to complete, instilling more trust and integrity into the financial department.

This customer testimonial includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.


Key Features

Simplify process management

Define responsibilities, timing and due dates, deliverables, objectives, and more to bring everyone into the process and give them a visual snapshot into status and bottlenecks. Teams can work together and collaborate in more efficient and meaningful ways. Keep everyone informed of, and working towards, objectives and due dates.

Customize to fit your needs

Organize and manage consolidation and close processes to fit your unique needs. Customize workflows to bring colleagues in and out of processes as required, and enable multi-tier approvals to match the way you work. Create dynamic reports that automatically adjust for changing data and demanding executives by providing data in a way that tells the right story.

Ease cross-functional collaboration

Give finance a faster and more efficient way to work by encouraging more participation from across the organization. Keep everyone aligned and focused on due dates, goals, and budgets with visibility into progress, status, and roadblocks. Quickly get the input needed to meet critical deadlines and execute against goals and objectives.

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