Eliminate Manual Processes

Automate manual financial processes to save time, reduce errors, and move at the speed of business.

Maximize Output,
Minimize Input

Your team is right to dread them — manual processes cost your business more than you think. Every month your smart, passionate employees spend days and weeks compiling data from dozen of sources, copying and pasting between hundreds of documents to produce budgets, plans, and reports that are out of data long before they’re finished. Not to mention the errors one wrong Excel cell can produce! It’s bad for morale, bad for business, and doesn’t earn Finance many brownie points. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Planful’s financial process automation capabilities save your team days, weeks, and months of time by automating your most cumbersome processes. Imagine what your team could accomplish with accurate, reliable data freely flowing at their fingertips — and the time and energy to put it to use.

Manual Processes
vs. Planful

Before Planful
WITH Planful

Highly-skilled employees waste their time and energy on boring, repetitive, labor-intensive work

  • Integrate and unify data fromdisparate systems
  • Pre-built and custom templates
  • Easily migrate model structures,formulas, and formatting
  • Breakback automatically allocates changes to forecasts and models
  • Automate all of your critical closeactivities from multiple ERP systems

Employees can devote time to strategic guidance

Chance for human error is both common and catastrophic

  • Eliminate versioning issues
  • Reduce risk of copy+paste errors
  • One source of truth

Errors are rare and easily rectified

Business holds low regard for data, which is often out of date or untrustworthy, and therefore largely operates without it

  • Automated management reporting
  • Flexible ad-hoc reporting
  • Self-service dashboards
  • At-a-glance model manager

Operations gets timely access to relevant data on which to base business decisions

Office of Finance is not viewed as a trusted strategic partner

  • See and validate business performance in the views that are meaningful to your business leaders

Office of Finance is a trusted strategic advisor

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Proven Results

See What Happens When Teams Use Planful
to Automate Manual Processes

PS Logistics

Before bringing in Planful, PS Logistics struggled with financial reporting. They relied heavily on manual spreadsheets which were prone to error and meant reporting took days. Since implementing Planful, these financial reporting tasks take 80% less time to complete, instilling more trust and integrity into the financial department.

This customer testimonial includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.


Key Features

Automate planning to drive budgets, forecasts, and success

Leverage pre-built, best-practice templates or build your own to meet the financial, workforce, capital, and initiatives planning for your organization. Support continuous planning with rolling forecasts and driver-based planning, to keep up with your fast-moving business.

Connect operational models, financial models, and your financial plan

Increase business agility and drive actionable insight throughout your organization with Dynamic Planning. Create and connect operational and financial models that align and link with your financial plans and forecasts. Update business driver assumptions in one model and see the impact on all associated models as well as your financial plan.

Make smarter use of Excel

Spreadsheets were not built for corporate-wide planning processes. Running through what-if scenarios with spreadsheets is time consuming, if possible at all, and without rolling forecasts based on inputs from business units, CFOs are forced into more reactive decision-making.

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