Take Control of Your Strategic Financial Planning Process

Build better strategic financial plans with faster access to more accurate data.

More Plan, Less Pain

The strategic financial planning process is never easy. There’s data to collect, input and feedback to gather, and models to prepare. And when it’s built across multiple spreadsheets, using a process managed by email, with data manually pasted from various systems, it’s hard to be completely confident in the resulting output. 

Planful automates the tedium and manual steps behind the strategic planning process so you can spend more time analyzing and collaborating and less time fighting with spreadsheets. Leverage pre-built, best-practice templates so you can quickly get to work and keep driving your fast-moving business towards success.

Manual Planning
vs. Planful

Before Planful
WITH Planful

Struggle to manage the strategic financial planning process via email

  • Easily manage the planning submission, review, and approval process to stay on time
  • Proactively drive the planning process with visibility into submission status and  contributor activity
  • Keep stakeholders on task with automated email updates sent at each step of the workflow

Drive a faster and more collaborative planning process

Manually cobble together strategic plans from scratch

  • Use pre-built templates to easily prepare plan to suit your exact requirements
  • Quickly develop concrete plans for specific scenarios, from mergers and acquisitions to functional evaluations
  • Easily build what-if and alternative plans with repeatable workflows, reusable templates, and standardized calculations

Create new plans with ease using pre-built templates and processes

Spend days copying, pasting, and consolidating data from multiple systems

  • Automatically bring together data from disparate operational systems, spreadsheets, and outside financial plans
  • Increase accuracy, predictability, and accountability by eliminating version control, security, data integrity, and data validation issues
  • Easily plan and analyze the cost of asset depreciation, transfers, and maintenance
  • Move model structures, formulas, and formatting from Excel templates into Planful with ease

Create faster, more accurate plans with fast access to the required data

Waste time chasing contributors, reminding reviewers, and gathering feedback from the business

  • Quickly send messages to contributors and add comments to plan components without switching applications
  • Stay on top of reviewers to ensure everything is vetted properly and submitted on time
  • Give budget owners hands-on ability to update and take ownership of financial plans

Closely collaborate with everyone across the enterprise

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Proven Results

See What Happens When Teams Use Planful
to Automate Manual Finance Processes

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox primarily used Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and reporting, which are error prone and hard to track. They turned to Planful to speed up and centralize the budget planning and reporting process. Providing a single cloud-based system to input data, Planful helped eliminate manual errors, ensuring that each manager had the most up-to-date data for real-time insights.

This customer testimonial includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.


Key Features

Pre-built planning templates

No matter what kind of planning, budget, or forecasting method, use pre-built templates or build custom templates to suit any requirements. Whether it’s for large projects, model mergers and acquisitions, or to evaluate functional decisions, ensure that every project has a high impact on P&L, balance sheet, and cash flows.

Robust and repeatable planning workflows

Use workflows to manage the plan’s submission, reviews, and approvals to ensure everything is vetted properly and submitted on time. Quickly run a workflow status report to see submission status of every department to decipher planning process status, roadblocks, and critical deadlines. Email updates are automatically sent at each step of the workflow to the relevant stakeholders everyone knows when action is required.

Empowered collaboration for better planning

Leverage Planful to work closely with budget owners, contributors, and stakeholders to keep the planning process on track and on target. Let budget owners quickly contribute and update financial plans more efficiently with the easy-to-use interface. Quickly send messages, post assumptions, and add comments without switching applications. Update and revise plans anytime, from anywhere with offline capabilities.

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