Build a Better Board Deck

Bring the right data and people together to reduce the amount of time it takes to build an impactful board presentation and impress even the most demanding executives.

More Impact,
Less Stress

Every board of directors relies on accurate, timely financial information to make the best decisions for the organization. For finance, pulling together the data, people, and insights necessary to create the board presentation is a herculean task. And demanding directors and busy executives don’t have the patience for errors or confusing presentation layouts.

Planful gives finance the tools, data, and task management necessary to build more accurate, more professional board books and presentations in less time and with less stress. It provides easy access to integrated financial and operational data to ensure reports, charts, and visualizations are current and accurate. Bring stakeholders into the fold with visibility into tasks and deadlines, and automates assembly so board presentations are delivered on time. And it keeps boards happy with formatted reports presented exactly how they like them. 

Manual Board Books
vs. Planful

Before Planful
WITH Planful

Massive manual effort to create board presentations by highly-skilled finance professionals

  • Automated reporting to speed creation of board book components
  • Simplify data collection by pulling board information from a single, connected source
  • Easily and quickly format reports and data to fit board preferences
  • Combine source documents and Planful data—financial and operating results, data, graphs, and narratives—to create a single PowerPoint or Word document.

Automate tedious report creation to simplify, speed, and improve resulting board presentations

Errors, typos, and missed data causes executive frustration and extra stress

  • Eliminate copy and paste errors with single source of integrated data
  • Enforce review and approval cycles with robust task management and workflow controls
  • Dynamically adjust reports as data changes

Reduce errors to alleviate stress and accelerate activities

Board has no confidence that data is accurate, current, or trustworthy for strategic decision-making

  • Aggregate data in real-time from across the organization
  • Explore data provenance to show data origins and understand impact
  • Make better decisions by having insights into past data

Confidence to make decisions without hesitation

Board presentations require too much effort to create, distracting finance from more strategic projects

  • Easily coordinate within finance and across the business for easier collaboration
  • Simplify, streamline, and automate tasks to accelerate board book creation
  • Have confidence in data the first time to eliminate rework and tedious review cycles

Collaborative effort for on-time delivery of accurate reports and presentations

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Proven Results

See What Happens When Teams Use Planful
to Automate Manual Finance Processes

PS Logistics

Before bringing in Planful, PS Logistics struggled with financial reporting. They relied heavily on manual spreadsheets which were prone to error and meant reporting took days. Since implementing Planful, these financial reporting tasks take 80% less time to complete, instilling more trust and integrity into the financial department.

This customer testimonial includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.


Key Features

Create highly formatted reports and board books

Create professional financial and management reports that will impress executives, board members, and investors. Customize the look and feel of your reports to visually present data in the way that is most meaningful to your organization. Advanced formatting capabilities include: font types, font size, font color, additional border types and colors, header formatting, granular data formatting including variance traffic lighting, and many more.

Automated management reporting

Take the hassle out of publishing the final board book or presentation while reducing the risk of typos and missed data. Combine source documents and Planful data—financial and operating results, data, graphs, and narratives—to create a single PowerPoint or Word document.

Use Excel with Spotlight reporting

Harness the full power of Excel for information presentation while ensuring “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store. Once a report is created in Excel it can be accessed anywhere—Excel, web or mobile interface. Spotlight for Office delivers data security, data integrity, and full audit trail by relying on Planful as its foundation and the single source of truth.

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