Build Rolling Forecasts

Continual forecasting for more accurate financial plans, increased agility, and optimized financial results.

Forecasts that Keep Up
With Your Business

Annual budgets are static, and therefore have difficulty accounting for market volatility, shifting trends, and developments happening in real time. In other words, the things that impact your business on a day to day.

But rolling forecasts allow you to better align real-time market trends to your strategic goals and objectives, using recurring periodic updates to keep the forecasts current. You can then better prepare for and react to current risks, have the agility to respond to shifting market demands, and continually update your outlook with current data for more accurate forecasts. That means that you have greater control over your financial destiny. 

With Planful, quickly migrate from a static, spreadsheet-based annual budget to a dynamic, modern rolling forecast that keeps pace with your business. Increase agility and accuracy while eliminating the pain of spreadsheets and manually gathering data, managing tasks, and collaborating with the business. 

Annual Budgeting & Forecasting 
vs. Planful

Before Planful
WITH Planful

Rely on static, out of date assumptions to make strategic predictions

  • Get instant access to current and comprehensive data for better forecasts
  • Automate manual tasks to speed budget creation and ease periodic forecasting
  • Gain insight into the real-time drivers of performance to optimize current period results, and inform future plans and strategies

Create accurate rolling forecasts to make real-time business decisions

Struggle to manage data and budgets across spreadsheets

  • Ensure “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store
  • Automatically bring together data from disparate operational systems, spreadsheets, and outside financial plans
  • Increase data accuracy, predictability, and integrity

Have confidence in budgets and forecasts with seamless access to dynamic data

Siloed budgeting process with lack of clear ownership

  • Added agility with all teams working off of one data source, one source of truth
  • Get a visual snapshot of contributors, progress, and deadlines
  • Collaborate across the business to gather data, validate information, and speed approvals

Build aligned rolling forecasts in less time and with less effort

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Proven Results

See What Happens When Teams Use Planful
to Automate Manual Finance Processes

LT Apparel Group

LT Apparel achieved a 98% reduction in reporting time by working with Planful. Through the adoption of a monthly rolling forecast, they eliminated the need for an annual budget.  Keeping LT Apparel data in the online Planful database meant no more version control issues or waiting for large Excel files to open.

This customer testimonial includes references to “Host Analytics” which is now known as Planful.


Key Features

Control the periodic forecasting process

Track tasks, assign responsibilities, stay ahead of deadlines, and collaborate with budget owners to ease budgeting and forecasting. Use workflow to manage periodic forecasting contributions, reviews, and approvals to ensure everything is vetted properly and completed on time. Quickly run a workflow status report to see submission status of every department and automatically send updates to relevant stakeholders so they know when action is required.

Empower budget owners

Give budget owners the power of Planful to avoid cumbersome spreadsheets and instead complete periodic tasks with just a few clicks and in terms they understand. Let them make adjustments to a budget or forecast based on preset groups of actions, and streamline the workload with pop-up forms that prompt budget owners for needed information. Visually compare forecasts to budgets and targets to see variances.

Make Excel better with robust data connections

Harness the power and familiarity of Excel for information presentation while ensuring “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store. Once a report is created in Excel it can be accessed anywhere—Excel, web or mobile interface. Spotlight delivers data security, data integrity, and full audit trail by relying on the Planful platform as its foundation and the single source of truth.

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