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Planful Predict

Elevate Decision Making with Intelligent AI-Driven Insight.

Afraid of AI? You’re in control. Save time with unbiased insights.

No trust in black box AI? Elevate the business with out of the box intelligence.

No data scientist?
Experience AI built for finance.

Enhance how you see planning.

Stop being buried in data

Increase automation in the planning process to save time on lengthy, manual tasks

Rise above manual work

Scale your strategic advisory to the business to address overspending, underperforming areas

Less worrying about errors

Improve data integrity to reduce costly risks and uncover unusual behaviour

What is Planful Predict?

Planful Predict is a suite of AI-driven solutions

That help FP&A teams make confident, intelligent financial decisions with greater agility and accuracy. At its core, Planful Predict checks for errors, identifies patterns, and augments your efforts with intelligent forecast recommendations using a native artificial intelligence engine.

Our first AI solution, Planful Predict: Signals is here

Planful Predict: Signals empowers users to take corrective action by surfacing variances and anomalies in data with AI-driven signal detection.

“This is about decision velocity. Machines can make decisions 100 times per second. We’re lucky to make one per second. We’re even luckier if we can get out of management committee in four weeks. It takes us so long to make decisions. If you can’t get to that level of AI, you’re going to fall behind.

Ray Wang
Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research

Detect with Agility

Surface hidden anomalies and make corrective actions to accelerate your planning process.

Monitor with Confidence

Gain visibility across your business to amplify collaborative decision making.

Validate With Accuracy

Fine tune any scenario, connecting silos and disconnected historical data together.

Enhance how you see planning.

Detect with Agility
Monitor with Confidence
Validate with Accuracy
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