Dynamic Planning Delivers Agility, Collaboration, and Clarity

Your business is always on, always running, and always planning. Dynamic Planning with Planful enables flexible, high-frequency, data-driven planning and decision-making — so you can analyze, plan, and make confident decisions at the speed of business.

Key Advantages

Bespoke Data Models

  • Build tailored models for any planning use-case. 
  • Customize across functions, processes, and use-cases.
  • Share plans and insights that make sense to all of your different audiences.

Customizable user interface and experience

  • From grids to tables to charts and graphs — give your audience the flexibility they need to plan for anything. 
  • Configure your planning experience to your business needs with Planful’s user-friendly interface.
  • Align everybody around the same strategic goals without compromising anybody’s unique planning needs.

Ad-hoc analysis

  • Seamlessly integrate financial and non-financial data from all across the business.
  • Connect disparate data sources into one unified, cloud-based platform.
  • Create a transparent and collaborative single source of truth for your company’s financial decision-making.

High frequency data loads

  • Real-time data refreshing for immediate insights and course-corrections.
  • Update your plans and models as frequently as you need to with accurate and current data.
  • Deliver data at the speed and frequency demanded by the business.

High frequency touch points

  • Provide the right data at the right level to the right people at the right time.
  • Enable users across your organization to analyze current performance, update plans, and make decisions about what to do next, all in real-time.
  • Foster collaboration and a company-wide culture focused on planning.

Key Features


Breakback enables users to save time by making top-down adjustments to forecasts and models, automatically allocating changes across multiple dimensions and associated models so they can see how different levers impact end results within your business and across the organization. Breakback turns tasks that take hours of work to just minutes.

Interactive query and analysis with Spotlight

Perform ad-hoc, multidimensional analysis with Spotlight. Zoom in, zoom out, keep, remove, and pivot on all your business categories and segments to explore data at the most granular level of the business, or to see aggregated financial results for the whole business. Empower your users to investigate data and uncover new insights on the fly.

Model Manager

Model Manager allows you to view and understand your dynamic plans at a glance. Offering breakthrough ease of use that eliminates the need for IT involvement and custom scripting language. This dramatically reduces time and effort and enables line of business leaders to leverage dynamic plans for a wide range of use cases.

Advanced financial modeling

Add dimensions, members, and calculations as you need them. Users can incorporate financial or non-financial drivers into dynamic plans and update the corporate plan when they are ready.

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