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We were all ambushed by COVID-19, but now it’s time to regroup and recover from the initial shock. The business is relying on the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) team to lead the way. FP&A is on the frontline of those efforts to quickly reforecast cash flow, reset workforce and operating plans, and deliver the financial reports and analysis the business needs to pivot and course-correct.

Planful Now can help. Planful Now is a high impact, fast time-to-value offering that solves your most critical FP&A needs in under 30 days. It shortens FP&A cycle times, opens collaboration channels across the business, and enables the agility you need to respond to unpredictable market shocks. And, to deliver your business the most value in the shortest amount of time, Planful Now gives you the flexibility to choose the path that is right for you.

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Being able to re-forecast quickly and efficiently in the next 12 months is going to be hugely helpful for us as we pivot and redirect the ship with COVID-19.
Luiz Martinez Luna Bose FP&A Manager

Focus on Your
Most Critical Needs

Build resilience to uncertainty

See your data in the Planful FP&A cloud platform within days so you can act on your most important business use-cases and ensure your business is ready and positioned for the next big shock. Use greater visibility and automation to remove roadblocks as you get back to the work that’s most important to your business.

Act with speed and agility

Dynamically plan and respond to changing conditions while quickly delivering new insights and analysis as those conditions change. Use accurate data in real-time to increase productivity and efficiency and quickly make the key decisions to position your company for success.

Make smarter decisions, together

Easily work together from anywhere with more intelligence and confidence, while eliminating the confusion and errors of manual spreadsheets. Get deeper insights while replacing slow, manual tasks with efficient actions and thoughtful strategic moves.

Fast results for more impact

Planful saves you time, which eliminates wasted effort and gets you the right answers faster. Real results can be seen in just a few weeks, and a Total Economic Impact™ from Forrester Consulting found present value benefits of the Planful platform to be more than $1.23 million over three years on average from increases in productivity, efficiency, and business opportunity. That’s an ROI of 393%. 

Choose Your Impact

Planful Now makes it easy for you to start with the use-cases that are most important to you, achieve quick wins and high value, and then expand your use of the platform across a wide array of planning use-cases when you’re ready. Here’s a sample list of use-cases that many customers started with and were live within 30 days. We did it for them, and we can do it for you too.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is always king. Even more so in an uncertain times. Planful enables you to forecast future financial liquidity and cash flow to ensure business continuity and smart allocation of capital.

Annual Operating Planning

This year’s outlook has changed dramatically, but Planful enables FP&A teams to easily build agile and collaborative financial plans, so you can quickly adjust your plans to be ready for whatever comes your way.

Workforce Planning

Chaos has forced worker restrictions and highly variable demand, but Planful increases workforce planning flexibility and accuracy so you can confidently navigate the path forward.

Monthly Close & Consolidation

Planful accelerates close cycles, empowers finance with the robust financial and regulatory reporting they need, and provides the business with immediate performance feedback to re-assess and pivot operations based on changing conditions.

Financial Reporting

In times like these, communicating financial results to key audiences frequently and reliably is critical. Planful enables Finance to quickly create and distribute accurate financial regulatory reporting packages for the various internal and external stakeholders who rely on these reports.

Multi-dimensional Ad Hoc Analysis

Slice and dice data, create hundreds of what-if scenarios on the fly, change drivers, and dynamically analyze the results in real time. Multi-dimensional ad hoc analysis empowers FP&A teams to answer the most critical business questions in minutes.

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