Simple and Beautiful – A Sneak Peek Into Planful’s Upcoming UI Improvements

Simple and Beautiful – A Sneak Peek Into Planful’s Upcoming UI Improvements

We heard you loud and clear.

As a finance professional, you have an important job to do. You expect your tools to make your life easier, your work more productive, and your decisions better-informed.

That begins with the user interface — from navigation to icons to the visual color scheme, we pride ourselves on combining powerful, robust capabilities with a modern, intuitive, and approachable user interface.

In that spirit, we’re excited to announce that early next year we will be releasing user interface enhancements across our platform. With zero disruption to your service — no training, technical support, or reimplementation required — Planful customers will enjoy these visual upgrades as part of our scheduled release on February 21, 2020.

You will see these changes take form in…

  • Navigation bar, planning templates, dynamic reports, dashboards, planning and consolidation control panels, and task manager 
  • Modern icons, rounded edges, and softer lines that create an inviting visual aesthetic
  • Larger fonts and spacing between rows and columns that make it easier to view and interact with your data
  • A sleek new monochromatic color scheme that provides a modern visual experience  
  • Large, clickable icons that eliminate wasted white space and make navigation easy and intuitive
  • As well as in many more elements throughout the platform

By making the visual experience more dynamic and inviting, navigating the platform will be easier, more intuitive, and more efficient. 

We take pride in our products’ capabilities — we know our tools save our customers’ time, money, and energy. We know that companies do better when they spend less time on reactive, tedious busywork and more time on proactive, strategic planning. These enhancements serve that mission by further unlocking our customers’ potential — bringing your team one step further on your journey toward Continuous Planning.

2020 will be a big year for our company, our product, and our customers. We don’t want to give too much away right now, but what we will say is this round of enhancements is just the beginning. Stay tuned on how we’re elevating your organization’s financial IQ by subscribing to our Blog.

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